The Rainbow Group has a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous for everybody, online and in person. 

We meet Mondays 5:10 to 6:00 p.m. at the Fellowship Club, 1703 N. Broadway, Crest Hill, IL 60403.

1st Monday of the month we read a Personal story from 4th Edition of the book "Alcoholics Anonymous." The 2nd Monday we read and discuss a Chapter or portion of a chapter from the first 163 pages of the Big Book. The 3rd Monday we read and discuss a Step from the book "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions." 4th Monday we read and discuss a Tradition from the 12 & 12. On the 5th Monday of the month, if there is one, we generally have open topic discussion. 

The online A.A. meeting is via Periscope starting at 5:10 p.m.

Tune in to Periscope

search for live broadcasts (red dot on the map)

or subscribe to AAmeetingJoliet.

You can write us at aameetingjoliet@rainbowgroup.org

We broadcast live but don't show faces.

click here for the periscope info link. 

This A.A. group provides an open welcome to lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, and straight. The only thing that can be assumed about anyone who goes to this meeting is that they have a desire to stop drinking. If you want to quit drinking then you are welcome at the Rainbow Group. 

If you don't want to stop drinking, perhaps you only want to cut down on the amount you drink, then you are a welcome guest at open A.A. meetings. There are quite a few open meetings around Joliet and in Chicagoland. To find an open meeting you can go the District 51 meeting list. www.aadistrict51.org

If you want to try to stop drinking then you are welcome at the Rainbow Group.